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About Drafting & Rendering Department

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Presentation drawings, reports and animations play a key role in Conveying the designers’ “sense of place” effectively to a client. In the construction phase, a proper set of Production Drawings ensures an accurate, timely and cost- conscious completion of the building.


In Order to provide you with most effective presentation materials Design Arcade Drafting and Rendering Department is well equipped with computer aided drafting, and presentation facilities and work in a networked environment with most upgraded programs and plug-ins such as Auto CAD, Arci CAD, Revit, 3DMax, Lumion Sketchup etc. Most local and overseas Architectural and Construction companies obtain our Drafting and Rendering services aiming high quality presentations to international standards.

Our Drafting Department Comprised of Two Separate Wings.

< 2.1 Drafting Wing

< 2.2 Rendering Wing